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Torch Down Roofing NYC

Torch Down Roofing Repair NYC

There’s no doubt about it, flat roof repair requires special materials and special expertise. That’s partly because a flat roof can cause water buildup from rain, melting snow, and the resulting puddles that can gather on a flat roof.
That’s where torch down roofing comes in, and why you should use NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros for all of your flat roof repair needs.
A flat roof or one with a slight slope often draws standing water, which can lead to leaks. If you notice a water stain in your ceiling, you likely have a leak in your roof, and it’s best to call an expert in torch down roofing in NYC.
A torch down roofer knows what to look for on your roof, as well as how to repair any damage that they find. Once the water stain is noted, an expert roofer will then investigate the roof covering for possible causes.
By examining the roof carefully, a roofer will find leaks that could be caused by a gap between the flashing and the roof cover, or between the roof and a protrusion like the chimney.
But there’s more to it than that.
A roofer will examine your entire roof, not just the problem area.  At NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros, our repair work includes a full inspection to look for potential damage or weak spots that could cause issues in the future. That could include cracks in the roofing or worn areas that will eventually wear our and create leaks.
A roofer will be able to identify spider cracks in the surface of your roof, which may be fine enough that you would not see them. But they could cause issues eventually, so it’s best to repair them rather than leave them to crack further and cause issues. Or, a roof that’s older could have even deeper cracks, which could already be leaking.
​An expert roofer will also be able to identify any areas where the roofing membrane is shrinking and pulling away from the wall or the flashing. And, they can spot seam separation, which can also cause leaks.
In particular, if your roof is more than five years old, you should rely on a professional roofer to examine and repair the roof. In particular, you need to rely on an expert at handling torch down roof repair.
If your roof is over 10 years old, you may want to consider getting it inspected even if you aren’t experiencing any leaking. The experts at NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros will be able to inspect your roof and advise you on any possible need for torch down roofing repair.
Torch down roofing is a method of covering flat roofs using special modified bitumen, which is an asphalt roofing with a tough membrane inside that provides weatherproof qualities. This type of covering is ideal for surviving the environmental conditions that the typical NYC flat roof endures.
While the bitumen is solid and waterproof, the membrane gives the bitumen the added benefit of contracting and expanding in the hot and cold cycles of NYC. The roofing material can handle wet and dry, hot and cold conditions, as well as sun and damaging ultraviolet rays.
It’s all brought together with a special technique of installation using an open-flame propane torch. The bitumen is heated to the ideal temperature to create the waterproof seal and weatherproof properties of a torch down rubber roof.
When it comes to repairing the roof, the same expert skills, correct tools and proper technique are just as important.

Torch Down Roof

While torch down roofing life expectancy is up to 20 years, there can be issues that wear it down sooner. For instance, trying to do the work yourself, or hiring someone who isn’t an expert in torch down roofing in NYC, could save you money in the short term. But it’s likely to cause issues in the long term.
That’s why when you examine a torch down roofing cost, it’s better to invest a little more in expert repair than to trust your roof to just any NYC flat roof repair.
A torch down rubber roof is only as good as the roofer. Repairs require special expertise, from identifying the problems, to determining the solution. Then the roofer needs to choose the means to repair the roof, and have the correct tools and expertise to handle the repairs.
You may think you can handle it as a simple “Do It Yourself” job, but that’s not the case. You can’t simply go the local hardware store and get some silicone caulking and attempt to patch your torch down roof. That won’t work, and neither will roofing cement or roofing tar. You can’t paint over a leak, and you can’t try to repair potential leaks on your own either.
In fact, handling flat roof repair by yourself could mean issues with overheating the bitumen, not creating a proper seal, or even fire damage. The special technique required to repair a flat roof can be dangerous, so it’s best to call the experts to examine and repair your roof.
They know what types of materials and tools to use, from the special modified bitumen membrane, to the bitumen adhesive, to the propane torch and tank and special safety equipment that goes with it. They also know the special technique required to repair a torch down roof and get your leak, crack or separation fixed and back to new.

So for all of your flat roof repair needs, contact NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros.