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Torch Down Roofing NYC

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Take one glance across the beautiful skyline of New York City and New York State and you’ll see many flat roofs. This is an attractive feature of our area, but special expertise is required for flat roof maintenance and repair.
That’s why NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros are your answer when you’re looking for installation of new roofing or for flat roof repair in NYC. We have the experience and expertise to handle any flat roof job, in particularly torch down roofing services.
Our special know-how means we can bring the superior quality of a torch down rubber roof to your home, commercial building, apartment or condominium. A torch down roofer uses an open-flame propane torch to apply a special modified bitumen to your flat roof.
Modified bitumen combines an asphalt roofing substance with an embedded membrane that allows it to expand and contract in the New York’s changing weather patterns. It’s applied to the roof along with fiberglass sheets using an open-flame propane torch, which is where the name “torch down” originates.
By heating the bitumen to the proper temperature, the expert installer creates a waterproof seal between the bitumen and the flashing, roof, and any protrusions on your roof such as chimneys. Your roof will be protected from the elements, with protection against rain, snow, melting snow and puddled water.
This special roofing substance can handle wet and dry, heat and cold, and sunlight and damaging ultraviolet rays. Special coatings can be added to increase the energy efficiency of the roof by reflecting or absorbing light.
But it’s not a simple process. The work done with an open-flame propane torch is what makes this roofing technique so special, and it can’t be left to chance. Improper technique in torch down installation can cause issues down the road, and can even be dangerous when installing.
So torch down roofing is only as good as the torch down roofer that installs or repairs it. At NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros, we can give you advice on your existing roof covering, and whether to install a torch down rubber roof over it, or to remove existing material and start fresh.
We can also provide advice on whether to opt for a two-layer system, or the more durable three-layer system. Then, we can choose the correct material and ensure it’s installed properly on your flat roof.
NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros are also experts at torch down repair. If you detect a leak in your ceiling, for instance, contact us for a full assessment of your roof and its covering. Perhaps the existing material is separating from the flashing, or a crack has developed in the bitumen.
We can handle any torch down roofing installation in NYC, and any torch down repair in NYC, and ensure your flat roof is beautified and protected for years to come.
It’s important to look to the experts when it comes to your flat roof, so contact NYC Torch Down Roofing Pros for all your roofing services in NYC and New York State.